Fun in the Rabbitry

So. . . I have been having an fun week with my rabbits. Frozen water bottles, finding my doe in with my buck, etc. . .

A couple days ago when I went out to feed my rabbits, I noticed two big rabbits in a cage together. I went over and found out that Snowball had somehow torn some of the wire separating them and had spent a night with Surprise. It looked like they were cold because they were cuddling with each other in a corner.

As for water bottles, when they are frozen, they are no fun at all. It takes a while to get the ice out of the small neck bottles and the rabbits don’t understand when it takes me such a long time and they are thirsty.

I bred Snowball and Jelly almost two weeks ago and hopefully will have at least one litter of  kits in the middle of November. I am going to keep one of the bucks out of Snowball’s earlier litter for future breeding. He is a very pretty young buck and has reddish-creamy fur. His name is Jolly. Pictures below.


One thought on “Fun in the Rabbitry

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