Last Buck

Well, the last buck is gone. I had to butcher him. I went out to feed the rabbits a couple weeks back and saw him with some mess stuck to him. I just thought it was stuck to his face so I took him inside. I got the stuff off and saw his teeth were way overgrown. The top ones were pressing down on the the lower gum and the bottom teeth were growing up into his top gum. He couldn’t really eat or drink that well, so he is gone now. I won’t breed Surprise and Secret together anymore.

Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Last Buck

  1. Joseph Houseman

    Thanks for the update, sorry you had to butcher your buck. The red NZ buck I got from you is proud poppa to a dozen kits. The mom is part Flemish Giant and I understand big littlers are common to Flemish. I have moved to Montana and the only place I could find to set up a hutch was the old outhouse left on the property. I moved it next to my workshop, wired it for electricity, expanded and insulated it and now have room for 6 cages, just barely. I have a Facebook page here.


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