June Update

It is June already! The bunnies are twelve weeks old tomorrow and are getting really big. They are healthy and eating a ton. I have to get rid of some soon. I have been supplementing their feed with alfalfa and grass. That cuts down on the amount they eat a little bit. I still haven’t decided which doe or buck I am going to keep. I have to weigh them and see which are the biggest. Most of them have at least gotten to five pounds, if not past that. The runt of the litter is my favorite, but he wouldn’t be a good addition to my breeding stock. He is much smaller than the rest.

Thanks for reading.



5 thoughts on “June Update

  1. joe Houseman

    I’ve learned that I have been overfeeding the pellets. Your 12 week olds don’t need more than one cup of pellets each per day, let them fill up on hay.

    1. C.J's Bunnies Post author

      With nine kits in one cage, I fill the feeder full once and then give them some hay or grass. Sometimes I put more pellets in the feeder, depending on how they look.


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