May Update

Well, it doesn’t look like any of the babies have malocclusion. I have been checking their teeth regularly and they all look fine. I will probably start selling them soon, now that I don’t think they have it. I think Secret’s last kit just threw his teeth out of order by jerking on the wire. I have heard it can happen that way. I will still continue to watch their teeth just to make sure.

I haven’t bred Snowball again. I was going to right after she lost her last litter, but I decided I didn’t want an over-population of kits. I will breed her after I have gotten rid of the majority of Secret’s kits. I will probably breed Secret again as well since her kits look good.

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Six Weeks

Well, the kits aren’t weaned yet. I decided to redo my grow-out hutch and it took longer than I expected. I threw away the old frame and built a new one. I also converted the cage into a hanging cage. The wire I had stapled onto the wood was the right size, so all I had to do was J-clip it together. Anyway, the kits are still living with their mom. I hope to have at least two or three out of the cage tonight.

Here are some pictures.




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Snowball’s Kits

I thought Snowball was due on the 25th. I went out this morning and found a bunch of kits all over her cage. There were six in her cage. I cleaned them out and then fed the rabbits. In Secret’s cage, I found another kit under the feeder. I have no idea how it could have gotten in there because there is a gap in between the cages. She had seven total. I am really bummed because that is a pretty good sized litter for an older rabbit. I have to breed Secret again soon, so I guess I will just breed them together like I did before.

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Five Weeks Old

The kits turned five weeks old yesterday. They look small until you pick one up. I can barely get my hands around most of them. The biggest is a white doe. There were a lot of red kits in this litter. There are seven red ones, two white ones, and two blackish ones. I am still not sure which one I am going to keep. I am also keeping an eye on their teeth because of Secret’s last kit. So far, I haven’t seen any signs of malocclusion.

IMAG0522  IMAG0523

IMAG0524  IMAG0526


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Four Weeks

The kits are past four weeks and all of them are eating lots of food. My feed bin is emptying a lot faster than it was a few weeks ago. There are a couple bigger kits and then the rest are about the same size. I haven’t weighed them lately. The white kit is definitely the biggest of the group. I am going to keep a couple of them, but I don’t know which ones yet. There is a creamy red one that is really friendly and always comes the front of the cage when I am there. It is really cute. The others only come to the front if I have food or water with me.


Snowball is getting close to her due date. Hopefully this time, she will build a better nest. It should be warmer when she gives birth.

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16 Days

The kits are growing big, some of them slower than others. I weighed the kits on Saturday and the largest kit was 7.2 oz. and the smallest kit was 3.4 oz. They have all gained weight since Saturday and the runt doesn’t look as runty anymore. Their fur is pretty thick, probably because of the cold nights. None of them have come out of the nest-box yet. They don’t feel the urge. It took a couple days for them to get their eyes open. They have been trying to eat the straw in the nest-box. There are three darker red ones, two lighter red ones, two white ones and three blackish-red. The middle-sized red kit is really jumpy and doesn’t like being held at all.

Here are the pictures.




They were constantly wiggling while I was taking these pictures.

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