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Snowball’s Litter

About a month ago, I bred Snowball to Surprise. I wasn’t sure if it was a successful breeding or not, but I put in the calendar and put in the nest box. On Tuesday, Snowball had a litter of what I thought was six kits. They all looked healthy and warm. On Wednesday, we had a blizzard. The kits survived through that night. Thursday was warm, but that night it got really cold. The next morning, I found six dead kits and one live one. It was mostly my fault because I knew it was going to get cold that night. I should have brought the nest box in.  Most of the kits just got scattered throughout the nest box and couldn’t stay warm. I found one kit underneath the cage. I am not sure where it came from, because I didn’t know I had seven kits in that litter. I guess I counted wrong. Anyway, now that there is only one kit left in the litter, I am repeating what I did when Snowball had only one kit in her last litter. Unfortunately, Snowball is still producing enough milk for a litter of seven, not for one. She is very uncomfortable right now, and I would give her something to slow down the milk but I need her to keep producing milk for the last kit. I will probably breed her soon, and that might help dry up milk production a little bit.

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October Update

Hey everyone, sorry it has been so long since I posted. There really has not been much excitement around the rabbitry.

I saved a buck out of the litter from March. He is now seven months old and he is a nice size. I still haven’t named him. I bred Snowball and him together last night. He was ready to breed and got her twice. I tried Surprise and Secret together, but Surprise is getting old and out of shape. Secret was willing, it just didn’t happen. Hopefully, I should have a litter a month from now. When I can get a hold of the camera, I will take pictures of the new buck and of the rabbitry.

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May Update

Well, it doesn’t look like any of the babies have malocclusion. I have been checking their teeth regularly and they all look fine. I will probably start selling them soon, now that I don’t think they have it. I think Secret’s last kit just threw his teeth out of order by jerking on the wire. I have heard it can happen that way. I will still continue to watch their teeth just to make sure.

I haven’t bred Snowball again. I was going to right after she lost her last litter, but I decided I didn’t want an over-population of kits. I will breed her after I have gotten rid of the majority of Secret’s kits. I will probably breed Secret again as well since her kits look good.

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Snowball’s Kits

I thought Snowball was due on the 25th. I went out this morning and found a bunch of kits all over her cage. There were six in her cage. I cleaned them out and then fed the rabbits. In Secret’s cage, I found another kit under the feeder. I have no idea how it could have gotten in there because there is a gap in between the cages. She had seven total. I am really bummed because that is a pretty good sized litter for an older rabbit. I have to breed Secret again soon, so I guess I will just breed them together like I did before.

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Seven Weeks

Hey everybody, sorry it took so long to update.

The kits are all big and are ready to be sold. I checked the sex of them the other day and figured out there were five does and three bucks. Out of the three white babies in the litter, two were does. I like having more does to bucks ratio.  Secret’s baby was a buck. I have only weaned two does which were sold. The others are going to be weaned over this next week. Snowball will be very happy to get rid of them. Now they are just a nuisance that crowd her feeder and bottle.

Secret turned out not pregnant. She pulled a little bit of fur on her due date, but didn’t even try to make a nest. I am going to try breeding her at least one more time before I make a decision with her. She is such a pretty rabbit that I don’t want to get rid of her. Her temperament is also pretty good. She doesn’t mind pets and loves getting treats.

I am also trying to figure out what to do with Squash. I don’t want to breed her again because of her bleeding and because I don’t think I will get any live babies out of her. She has gotten a lot more friendly since I haven’t been making her breed or picking her up as much. She eats treats out of my hands now and doesn’t mind head rubs. She still get a little freaked out when I open the cage door and she has her blind eye toward the door.

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