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August Update

Not much has been happening. Thankfully. However, here is the update on what has happened.

Hopefully, Snowball and Secret are pregnant. If so, they are about three weeks along. I might just have some more litters in September. If Secret does badly on this litter, I am going to give her one more chance and then she is out. If she does do well, however, I am definitely keeping her. I would love to have another Snowball around.

The two bucks that I haven’t sold are still hanging around here. I might be getting rid of the white buck soon, but I have no plans for the brown buck.

We have a mini alfalfa and wheat grass field in the back of our yard, and I have been feeding the rabbits greens every day. I have been increasing the amount they get and so far, I have had no problems with them eating that. They love it and they prefer it to their pellets.

Thanks for reading.



Squash Soup

Squash’s last three kits didn’t make it. I didn’t really expect them to make it. When I went out to feed all the rabbits, I found one kit on the ground. Somehow he had gotten from the back of the nest box to the ground. The other two were dead in the nest box. I am wondering if all these dead kits have something to do with her bleeding a lot before birth. I thought maybe she was hemorrhaging inside and that killed them before they came out. The breeding with her sire also might have caused something internal not to form right. I don’t know if I will breed her again.

Snowball’s kits are getting big. They are not shy and come up the front of the cage for petting or exploring my hands. I hope they stay that way. I have three kits that are a bit bigger than the rest. They fill both of my hands put together while the others don’t. Secret’s kit is about the size of the smallest of Snowball’s kits.

March Update

Time is flying, literally. I thought I had more time to put more posts up in February. I guess not.

I have some great news! I finally got a breeding that I was sure of. It was Squash Soup out of all the does. Crazy. I wasn’t originally planning on using her for a breeding doe, but she seemed ready to breed so I stuck her in with Surprise and within seconds of her getting in his cage, she was in the mating position and Surprise bred on her two times in only a couple minutes. I finally know what it means to “breed like rabbits”. She did get scared for a while and stiffened up when I took her out of Surprise’s cage. She just laid in a corner for a long time. I was hoping I hadn’t injured her in trying to get her out of her cage. Here are some pictures of a grown-up Squash.

IMAG0106 IMAG0111

Secret is about the same size as her sister. They are both about seven or eight pounds. Snowball took a while to get to her full size and I think both these does are going to do the same thing. Her dad is a bit smaller so she won’t be as big as Snowball, but she will be a good weight for a New Zealand. She has an iffy bred date. I am not sure if Surprise actually completed the breeding. However, if she does have a due date, she would be near the end of March or the beginning of April. She is a gorgeous red color and looks like a pure NZ red. I am hoping to get more rabbits of the same color. Here is a picture of her.


Snowball also has an iffy bred date. If she was bred, it was on February 22. I am really hoping to get another litter out of her. She is a great mom, when she  has babies. Here’s a picture of her.


And last of all, is Surprise. Have to get the buck in here somewhere.


Maybe I will get more than one post up in this month. Please comment and keep me motivated. Thanks for reading.


Lots of happenings. . .

Things around the rabbitry were boring for a while, but at least some things have started getting really interesting lately. . .and I mean the not so fun kind of interesting. There are a few other things that I am going to write about, but I will get the bad stuff out of the way first.

Yesterday, I went out to feed the rabbits and found the six month old buck looking funny and not jumping around and moving like he normally is. I tried giving him his pellets and I also offered him some special treats, but he just nosed them and then huddled back up. I was afraid it was catchy or something, because I have never had that happen before, so I moved him to a hutch I had on the other side of the yard. I left him for a while, and when I came back later, I found him with his treats, food and water still untouched. I went away for only about an hour and then I found him stretched out dead. I don’t know what he got or did, but it happened fast because on Saturday evening he was still looking fine. I am wondering if he got something bad in the food I was giving him and then he didn’t drink or eat and died from dehydration.

The heat has been pretty bad for the rabbits. I have the one hutch facing directly into the sun for part of the day and all the rabbits get pretty hot. I try to get a sheet or something draped over it so it provides shade and mist the rabbits ears. It still gets really hot for them, so today, I had to bring Surprise into the garage to cool off. Normally, I bring them into the house, but he is molting right now and hair is flying everywhere. He enjoyed laying on the cement, which was a cooler than his cage.



Anyway, enough of that. Onto the nicer stuff.

I haven’t posted about this before, but I started doing a fodder system for the rabbits. It is pretty simple and cheaper than pellets. I still feed pellets, but not as many as before. I just take a cup of wheat and soak it for a day and then rinse it daily until it is wheat grass and ready to feed to the rabbits. They love it and it is really good for them. When I started feeding it to the babies at about four weeks old, there was no diarrhea or any sickness. It is different than just the grass and stuff you would feed to an adult rabbit. I sometimes give them a whole tray a day and then use only a few pellets. It is very satisfying to see the feed bill go down and see the pellets stay around a little longer.

Here is a couple pictures of the babies enjoying their fodder.IMAG0130


And now, for the last nice thing. The doe that had a blind eye is getting big and is enjoying spending time with Snowball. They have just been hanging out together, but soon it will be time for the doe to go. Snowball needs to be bred soon and I haven’t ever wanted to find out what she gets like while pregnant and with another rabbit in her cage. Here is the picture of them together.





The Fifth Litter (Update)

So, I still do not have a camera to use so I will just post about how the kits are doing:

There are eight kits and they all have colors in sets of two. They are getting their fuzz so it is easier to tell. There are two white, two red, two light black, and two dark black. It will be interesting to watch this litter grow. They all have fat bellies and are all snuggled together in a good nest. This is a little smaller litter than normal for Snowball, but since she was only stuck in the cage once with Surprise, I think that is pretty good.  Snowball is such a good mom. She is going wild for treats. Every time I get near the rabbits, she is bouncing around in her cage, looking for the usual cherry leaves, blackberry leaves or parsley. Of course, it is hard to resist, but I don’t want her getting too many treats because when she gets used to treats, she doesn’t eat as much of her rabbit food as she should.

Well, that is all for today. Maybe by the time the kits are a week old I will have pictures. 🙂

Another post

I know I just posted today, but I remembered some other stuff that I was going to blog about. Anyway, to begin, I sold Jolly and Jelly as a breeding pair. I was going through feed way too fast and right now, I don’t really need another pair. I posted them on Craigslist and they were gone pretty fast. Now I have some extra cage space, which is really nice. Now I need to figure out what to do with all the bucks I have.

I also bred Snowball today. She lifted four times for Surprise and each time he fell off. It looks like it will be successful. She has always been really easy to breed. She is my favorite doe and I am hopefully going to keep a doe from her to keep her line going.

I would also like some suggestions about cleaning and sterilizing a wood and wire hutch. I want to clean the cages well, but I don’t know quite how to do it. Please comment.