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Snowball’s Litter

About a month ago, I bred Snowball to Surprise. I wasn’t sure if it was a successful breeding or not, but I put in the calendar and put in the nest box. On Tuesday, Snowball had a litter of what I thought was six kits. They all looked healthy and warm. On Wednesday, we had a blizzard. The kits survived through that night. Thursday was warm, but that night it got really cold. The next morning, I found six dead kits and one live one. It was mostly my fault because I knew it was going to get cold that night. I should have brought the nest box in.  Most of the kits just got scattered throughout the nest box and couldn’t stay warm. I found one kit underneath the cage. I am not sure where it came from, because I didn’t know I had seven kits in that litter. I guess I counted wrong. Anyway, now that there is only one kit left in the litter, I am repeating what I did when Snowball had only one kit in her last litter. Unfortunately, Snowball is still producing enough milk for a litter of seven, not for one. She is very uncomfortable right now, and I would give her something to slow down the milk but I need her to keep producing milk for the last kit. I will probably breed her soon, and that might help dry up milk production a little bit.

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Kit Update

The kit is now nine weeks old. I am not quite sure what the sex is yet. I can’t tell if it is a doe, or a buck with a split penis. I am hoping that the latter is not the case. At any rate, it is getting huge. At first, when I saw it next to Snowball, it looked tiny, but now it is beginning to catch up to her. I need to take it out of Snowball’s cage, but I haven’t gotten the other cage ready yet. If it is a buck, it needs to come out very soon. The color of the fur on the kit is very pretty. The top layer is a reddish cream, and below the surface, there is a little bit of black tint. The belly is a cream color. Overall, it is a very good-looking kit. I just hope it doesn’t have any defects. I haven’t noticed the teeth going crooked, and I would like it to stay that way.

I tried to breed Secret and Surprise on Saturday, but she wouldn’t lift high enough, and it just wouldn’t happen. I put Secret in with the new buck next, but by then, she had enough with bucks, and wouldn’t lift at all. I tried Snowball next with the new buck, but he was kind of worn out from trying with Secret, and Snowball wouldn’t lift anyway. Hopefully, I will get a successful breeding soon.

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October Update

Hey everyone, sorry it has been so long since I posted. There really has not been much excitement around the rabbitry.

I saved a buck out of the litter from March. He is now seven months old and he is a nice size. I still haven’t named him. I bred Snowball and him together last night. He was ready to breed and got her twice. I tried Surprise and Secret together, but Surprise is getting old and out of shape. Secret was willing, it just didn’t happen. Hopefully, I should have a litter a month from now. When I can get a hold of the camera, I will take pictures of the new buck and of the rabbitry.

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One Week

Well, the kits have made it to one week. Snowball’s remaining two kits almost died because they got separated in the nest, but I managed to save them. I put them in Secret’s nest box and re-bred Snowball. Secret has done well raising thirteen kits so far. They are all fat and happy. I will post pictures of them tomorrow. I can’t wait to choose which ones to keep. 🙂

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My new setup

Well, I planned to post in January, but obviously that didn’t happen. We got a frame built to hang the rabbit cages on and we had some two-by-fours laying around that we could use. I had to get chain and S-hooks, but really, we didn’t spend more than about ten dollars on the hutch. I used conduit to hang the cages and thankfully, we had some of that laying around too. Sometimes saving things is good. 🙂

Here are the pictures.


The hutch will have a fence panel in front of it to block wind and keep people from seeing in.





Squash isn’t going to be around much longer. She has never liked me sticking my hand into her cage and lately, she has been attacking my hand. I was opening the door a couple days ago and she reached up and bit me. She drew blood. I am also debating selling Secret . If I do that, I will just keep Surprise and Snowball around and breed them a few times, while saving up for some pedigreed rabbits.I am not sure yet.

August Update

Not much has been happening. Thankfully. However, here is the update on what has happened.

Hopefully, Snowball and Secret are pregnant. If so, they are about three weeks along. I might just have some more litters in September. If Secret does badly on this litter, I am going to give her one more chance and then she is out. If she does do well, however, I am definitely keeping her. I would love to have another Snowball around.

The two bucks that I haven’t sold are still hanging around here. I might be getting rid of the white buck soon, but I have no plans for the brown buck.

We have a mini alfalfa and wheat grass field in the back of our yard, and I have been feeding the rabbits greens every day. I have been increasing the amount they get and so far, I have had no problems with them eating that. They love it and they prefer it to their pellets.

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Two Left

Yesterday, I sold two more of the last four. The doe and the red buck are now living somewhere else. Now I just have two more to get rid of. The white buck is pretty friendly and I am hoping someone will want to buy him.

Since I really need more rabbits, I decided to try breeding Secret again. I am hoping her second litter goes better than her first. I put her in with Surprise and he fell off twice. Hopefully on about September 10th, I will have a litter of live babies. I am going to try breeding Snowball tomorrow and if that is successful, I might have two litters in September. I will update tomorrow and tell if the breeding was successful.

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