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November Update

Well, so far November has not been too eventful, all things considered. I was expecting Snowball’s litter sometime around the 21st. I gave her the nest-box on the 20th and she didn’t do much with it at first. I gave her hay and she just chewed on it and dug it all out of the box. On the 23rd, she started seriously making a nest, so I gave her a bunch of hay and went away for a while. When I came back, she was still in the nest box, but there was fur, and she was cleaning up. I checked later, and there was one baby. She had been in the nest box for about an hour, but there was just one kit. Since it has been getting chillier lately, I took the nest-box inside and put turned on a heater next to it. I took the baby out to feed that night, and I have been bringing the box out every morning and night for Snowball to feed it. It has been growing pretty big because it doesn’t have to share milk with other kits. I had put a old cloth underneath it to keep it from getting on the floor of the nest box and a couple days ago, I lifted the kit out of the box and it had managed to wrap a string around its neck. Thankfully, we were able to get it off fast, and the kit hasn’t seemed to suffer any ill effects from that. I am planning on re-breeding Snowball sometime soon, and hopefully doing Secret at the same time.

IMAG0724 IMAG0725

The pictures aren’t that great, but you can see that Snowball built a pretty good nest and pulled plenty of fur.

My new buck is quite hefty. He is about 9 and a half pounds and I am really happy about that. I still haven’t thought of a name for him. I really haven’t been thinking that hard though. I am hoping the single kit doesn’t haven’t anything to do with his ability to breed. I will be trying him again soon.

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Kits Coming!

Well, Friday the thirteenth is my lucky day right now. I got Secret and Snowball both bred on that day. I was planning on breeding Snowball on Friday and Secret on Saturday, but I got Snowball bred earlier in the day, early enough that Surprise would be able to handle another breeding. Anyway, both the does are bred and should kindle on the same day. I am hoping Secret will have them during the day, so if she doesn’t have them in the nest box, I will be better able to save them.

There aren’t many pedigreed rabbits around here. . . at least New Zealand Reds. Therefore, I am going to breed my own line of pedigreed rabbits, or at least try. I have read up quite a bit on it and I am going to try it out. I just need to selectively pick for the next generation of does and bucks. The biggest problems in my rabbits ( that I can see anyway) is that their shoulders are too long. I am going to pick for size and best show quality and standard. Most likely, I will never show, but if I want to sell and have good rabbits, it will help me a ton.

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Remaining Four

Well, I still have four rabbits left out of the litter. I am going through a lot more feed than I want to. They are getting big and in a couple weeks, they will be three months old. I only have one doe left out of that litter and the bucks never sell as well as the does. Snowball still has the smallest bunny with her. He still has a bit of a limp that I think will never go away. I am planning on taking him out of Snowball’s cage this week. I want to breed Snowball and Secret again, but lately it has been very hot and I don’t want to risk any problems with pregnancies during August. I think I will wait until August to breed them again.

Here are a couple pictures of the last bunnies.



The one in the back is the shy one of the bunch. It isn’t mean but it doesn’t like anyone coming near it.

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Four more gone!

Today, I sold four of the bunnies. That means I only have five rabbits right now! That feels interesting. It also means less feed. 🙂 It’s a Secret is doing well with her sibling, the blind doe. I moved the blind doe out of Snowball’s cage at last.

I am trying to breed Snowball right now, but both times I have stuck her in Surprises cage, she has climbed the walls or hidden under the feeder, which is pretty difficult, considering the feeder is only one-fourth her size. However, I am going to keep on trying until she decides she needs to cooperate.



As you all know, Snowball had a litter in February. The does sold well enough, but I am having problems selling all my bucks. There were six bucks in a litter of nine. That is two-thirds bucks. Snowball is a good mom, but I wish she would work on having more females. Oh, well.

I have them all for sale right now. There is one white buck, two or three red ones, and the rest are reddish-black. They have all been handled and are pretty friendly, with the exception of two. If you are interested in getting one, and have some questions, contact me at constance.parker@comcast. net. This is only good for people in Colorado, unless you are interested in driving a long ways for some bunnies.