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Kit Update

The kit is now nine weeks old. I am not quite sure what the sex is yet. I can’t tell if it is a doe, or a buck with a split penis. I am hoping that the latter is not the case. At any rate, it is getting huge. At first, when I saw it next to Snowball, it looked tiny, but now it is beginning to catch up to her. I need to take it out of Snowball’s cage, but I haven’t gotten the other cage ready yet. If it is a buck, it needs to come out very soon. The color of the fur on the kit is very pretty. The top layer is a reddish cream, and below the surface, there is a little bit of black tint. The belly is a cream color. Overall, it is a very good-looking kit. I just hope it doesn’t have any defects. I haven’t noticed the teeth going crooked, and I would like it to stay that way.

I tried to breed Secret and Surprise on Saturday, but she wouldn’t lift high enough, and it just wouldn’t happen. I put Secret in with the new buck next, but by then, she had enough with bucks, and wouldn’t lift at all. I tried Snowball next with the new buck, but he was kind of worn out from trying with Secret, and Snowball wouldn’t lift anyway. Hopefully, I will get a successful breeding soon.

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October Update

Hey everyone, sorry it has been so long since I posted. There really has not been much excitement around the rabbitry.

I saved a buck out of the litter from March. He is now seven months old and he is a nice size. I still haven’t named him. I bred Snowball and him together last night. He was ready to breed and got her twice. I tried Surprise and Secret together, but Surprise is getting old and out of shape. Secret was willing, it just didn’t happen. Hopefully, I should have a litter a month from now. When I can get a hold of the camera, I will take pictures of the new buck and of the rabbitry.

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June Update

It is June already! The bunnies are twelve weeks old tomorrow and are getting really big. They are healthy and eating a ton. I have to get rid of some soon. I have been supplementing their feed with alfalfa and grass. That cuts down on the amount they eat a little bit. I still haven’t decided which doe or buck I am going to keep. I have to weigh them and see which are the biggest. Most of them have at least gotten to five pounds, if not past that. The runt of the litter is my favorite, but he wouldn’t be a good addition to my breeding stock. He is much smaller than the rest.

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Squash’s Attitude

Well, as you all know, Squash is a brat. She attacks my hand, or the feed bucket, every time I stick anything in there. It has been even worse lately. I figured she was just plain mean. However, today it was really cold so I stuck straw in all the cages. She started nesting immediately. I thinks she wants to be bred. She acted much happier once she had her mouth full of straw. I gave her a nesting box so she could build a nest and act like she was going to have babies. I’ll give another update later.

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My new setup

Well, I planned to post in January, but obviously that didn’t happen. We got a frame built to hang the rabbit cages on and we had some two-by-fours laying around that we could use. I had to get chain and S-hooks, but really, we didn’t spend more than about ten dollars on the hutch. I used conduit to hang the cages and thankfully, we had some of that laying around too. Sometimes saving things is good. 🙂

Here are the pictures.


The hutch will have a fence panel in front of it to block wind and keep people from seeing in.





Squash isn’t going to be around much longer. She has never liked me sticking my hand into her cage and lately, she has been attacking my hand. I was opening the door a couple days ago and she reached up and bit me. She drew blood. I am also debating selling Secret . If I do that, I will just keep Surprise and Snowball around and breed them a few times, while saving up for some pedigreed rabbits.I am not sure yet.

November Update

Nothing much has happened around here lately. We got some snow about a week ago and it was hard to keep the rabbits supplied with fresh water. I decided not to breed Snowball again this year. I don’t want to deal with a bunch of new bunnies right now. If I want to breed Secret again, I would have to get a new buck and that would be too much trouble too.

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Last Buck

Well, the last buck is gone. I had to butcher him. I went out to feed the rabbits a couple weeks back and saw him with some mess stuck to him. I just thought it was stuck to his face so I took him inside. I got the stuff off and saw his teeth were way overgrown. The top ones were pressing down on the the lower gum and the bottom teeth were growing up into his top gum. He couldn’t really eat or drink that well, so he is gone now. I won’t breed Surprise and Secret together anymore.

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