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Two Left

Yesterday, I sold two more of the last four. The doe and the red buck are now living somewhere else. Now I just have two more to get rid of. The white buck is pretty friendly and I am hoping someone will want to buy him.

Since I really need more rabbits, I decided to try breeding Secret again. I am hoping her second litter goes better than her first. I put her in with Surprise and he fell off twice. Hopefully on about September 10th, I will have a litter of live babies. I am going to try breeding Snowball tomorrow and if that is successful, I might have two litters in September. I will update tomorrow and tell if the breeding was successful.

Thanks for reading.


Squash Soup

Squash’s last three kits didn’t make it. I didn’t really expect them to make it. When I went out to feed all the rabbits, I found one kit on the ground. Somehow he had gotten from the back of the nest box to the ground. The other two were dead in the nest box. I am wondering if all these dead kits have something to do with her bleeding a lot before birth. I thought maybe she was hemorrhaging inside and that killed them before they came out. The breeding with her sire also might have caused something internal not to form right. I don’t know if I will breed her again.

Snowball’s kits are getting big. They are not shy and come up the front of the cage for petting or exploring my hands. I hope they stay that way. I have three kits that are a bit bigger than the rest. They fill both of my hands put together while the others don’t. Secret’s kit is about the size of the smallest of Snowball’s kits.

Squash’s Due Date

Well everybody, I was eagerly looking forward to Squash’s due date. Then she started bleeding a lot. It was rather nasty.  I gave her lavender so that she would stop bleeding.  It seemed to slow it down. She continued to bleed a tiny bit over the last couple of days. I thought maybe she had miscarried. I came out this morning and saw the back end of a kit in the back of the nest box and thought she just had a couple kits and they both died. I started digging around and found one kit in the back, two in the middle and one in the front. They all looked dead so I got a bucket to put them in and grabbed them all out. However, one kit in the middle was just barely breathing and it was freezing cold. I think another ten minutes and it would have been dead. I stuck it in my shirt to keep it warm and took it inside. I kept it in my shirt and we made some formula for it, since Squash didn’t seem to want to feed it. It ate and then we put it in a box with straw, fur and a hot water bottle. It has been in there all day and we have been feeding it at about four hour intervals. At one point, I brought Squash in and tried flipping her, but it doesn’t look like she has milk.

Here is a picture of the kit being fed.



March Update

Time is flying, literally. I thought I had more time to put more posts up in February. I guess not.

I have some great news! I finally got a breeding that I was sure of. It was Squash Soup out of all the does. Crazy. I wasn’t originally planning on using her for a breeding doe, but she seemed ready to breed so I stuck her in with Surprise and within seconds of her getting in his cage, she was in the mating position and Surprise bred on her two times in only a couple minutes. I finally know what it means to “breed like rabbits”. She did get scared for a while and stiffened up when I took her out of Surprise’s cage. She just laid in a corner for a long time. I was hoping I hadn’t injured her in trying to get her out of her cage. Here are some pictures of a grown-up Squash.

IMAG0106 IMAG0111

Secret is about the same size as her sister. They are both about seven or eight pounds. Snowball took a while to get to her full size and I think both these does are going to do the same thing. Her dad is a bit smaller so she won’t be as big as Snowball, but she will be a good weight for a New Zealand. She has an iffy bred date. I am not sure if Surprise actually completed the breeding. However, if she does have a due date, she would be near the end of March or the beginning of April. She is a gorgeous red color and looks like a pure NZ red. I am hoping to get more rabbits of the same color. Here is a picture of her.


Snowball also has an iffy bred date. If she was bred, it was on February 22. I am really hoping to get another litter out of her. She is a great mom, when she  has babies. Here’s a picture of her.


And last of all, is Surprise. Have to get the buck in here somewhere.


Maybe I will get more than one post up in this month. Please comment and keep me motivated. Thanks for reading.


Four more gone!

Today, I sold four of the bunnies. That means I only have five rabbits right now! That feels interesting. It also means less feed. 🙂 It’s a Secret is doing well with her sibling, the blind doe. I moved the blind doe out of Snowball’s cage at last.

I am trying to breed Snowball right now, but both times I have stuck her in Surprises cage, she has climbed the walls or hidden under the feeder, which is pretty difficult, considering the feeder is only one-fourth her size. However, I am going to keep on trying until she decides she needs to cooperate.


Finally!!! Pictures

Well, I finally found something to take pictures with. The babies are almost five weeks old and it is about time you see some pictures of them. They are all doing really, really well and are getting big.


This is the bunny with the cloudy eye. She is one of the biggest bunnies and the eye doesn’t seem to affect her at all. The only way I can really tell that she has any problems with the eye is when I am holding  her right outside of the cage and if she has her blind eye toward the cage, she doesn’t struggle, but when I face her the other way, she sees the cage and all of the other bunnies so she tries to get down.


Almost all of them lined up in a row. I thought it was a cute picture.


The red one in this picture  is the one I am keeping. She is pretty sweet when held, and she is the second biggest. Hopefully she will turn out to be a great mom just like her mom.

The Fifth Litter (Update)

So, I still do not have a camera to use so I will just post about how the kits are doing:

There are eight kits and they all have colors in sets of two. They are getting their fuzz so it is easier to tell. There are two white, two red, two light black, and two dark black. It will be interesting to watch this litter grow. They all have fat bellies and are all snuggled together in a good nest. This is a little smaller litter than normal for Snowball, but since she was only stuck in the cage once with Surprise, I think that is pretty good.  Snowball is such a good mom. She is going wild for treats. Every time I get near the rabbits, she is bouncing around in her cage, looking for the usual cherry leaves, blackberry leaves or parsley. Of course, it is hard to resist, but I don’t want her getting too many treats because when she gets used to treats, she doesn’t eat as much of her rabbit food as she should.

Well, that is all for today. Maybe by the time the kits are a week old I will have pictures. 🙂