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The Last Kit

Well, so far things are going well for the surviving kit. I have been taking it out about twice a day to be fed by Snowball. I just hope her milk doesn’t stop because of only one kit nursing. This kit is a different color than the last kit I had to take care of. It actually is a really pretty color.

March 2016 146

March 2016 148

March 2016 149

March 2016 150

As you can see, I definitely don’t want to be putting the kit outside right now. We have about six or seven inches of snow and it is pretty cold and windy.

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Snowball’s Kits

I thought Snowball was due on the 25th. I went out this morning and found a bunch of kits all over her cage. There were six in her cage. I cleaned them out and then fed the rabbits. In Secret’s cage, I found another kit under the feeder. I have no idea how it could have gotten in there because there is a gap in between the cages. She had seven total. I am really bummed because that is a pretty good sized litter for an older rabbit. I have to breed Secret again soon, so I guess I will just breed them together like I did before.

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16 Days

The kits are growing big, some of them slower than others. I weighed the kits on Saturday and the largest kit was 7.2 oz. and the smallest kit was 3.4 oz. They have all gained weight since Saturday and the runt doesn’t look as runty anymore. Their fur is pretty thick, probably because of the cold nights. None of them have come out of the nest-box yet. They don’t feel the urge. It took a couple days for them to get their eyes open. They have been trying to eat the straw in the nest-box. There are three darker red ones, two lighter red ones, two white ones and three blackish-red. The middle-sized red kit is really jumpy and doesn’t like being held at all.

Here are the pictures.




They were constantly wiggling while I was taking these pictures.

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Day Nine

I took the pictures as promised. However, there are not thirteen kits in the picture. I counted them and realized there were only eleven. I pulled them all out of the nest-box and started poking around with my fingers. Then I realized if I didn’t want to find a dead kit with my fingers I better get something else. I got a stick and sure enough, there was a disintegrating kit at the front of the nest-box. I think it was two, it just was so rotten I couldn’t tell. I had noticed a smell in the box, but I thought it was just from kits peeing. I was wrong! I cleaned out the nest-box and put fresh straw in. All of the fur was gross, so they don’t have any of that now. It does smell better though.

Here is a picture.


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Kit Update

The kits were all doing great last night. This morning I went out to check on them and found two of Snowball’s kits dead and pretty cold in different sections of the nest-box. Snowball’s nest wasn’t good enough to contain them. I couldn’t find the other two at first, but then I found them snuggled into a part with lots of fur. They were fed and look pretty good. When I posted yesterday, I hadn’t noticed that one of her kits had a hole in his head. I wasn’t sure how it got there, but it kind of looked like an over-cleaning kind of thing. He was one of the dead ones this morning. Secret’s kits are all doing great and they all have full tummies.

My new setup

Well, I planned to post in January, but obviously that didn’t happen. We got a frame built to hang the rabbit cages on and we had some two-by-fours laying around that we could use. I had to get chain and S-hooks, but really, we didn’t spend more than about ten dollars on the hutch. I used conduit to hang the cages and thankfully, we had some of that laying around too. Sometimes saving things is good. 🙂

Here are the pictures.


The hutch will have a fence panel in front of it to block wind and keep people from seeing in.





Squash isn’t going to be around much longer. She has never liked me sticking my hand into her cage and lately, she has been attacking my hand. I was opening the door a couple days ago and she reached up and bit me. She drew blood. I am also debating selling Secret . If I do that, I will just keep Surprise and Snowball around and breed them a few times, while saving up for some pedigreed rabbits.I am not sure yet.

Snowball’s Due Date

Well, Snowball did end up giving birth, but it was just one large white kit. It was healthy and had tons of fur for a newborn. I didn’t have much hope for it living without a big litter to keep it warm. It survived through Thursday night but I think it had already gotten chilled so at 10 when I went out to check on it,  it was dead. Now I need to rebreed Snowball. I also need to rebreed Secret.

On a lighter topic, Squash is starting to get a little bulge along her sides. There is no way she could not be pregnant. I am excited about this litter. If she turns out to be a good mom, I am definitely keeping her.

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