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The Last Kit

Well, so far things are going well for the surviving kit. I have been taking it out about twice a day to be fed by Snowball. I just hope her milk doesn’t stop because of only one kit nursing. This kit is a different color than the last kit I had to take care of. It actually is a really pretty color.

March 2016 146

March 2016 148

March 2016 149

March 2016 150

As you can see, I definitely don’t want to be putting the kit outside right now. We have about six or seven inches of snow and it is pretty cold and windy.

Thanks for reading. 🙂


New Feeder and Other Things

I was moving my rabbits around and I wanted to have both of the J-feeders for my does. So, I took a plastic container and stuck it in the hole where the J-feeder had been. I wired it in and it looks like it will be pretty good. It is just a little blue container meant for packaging.

I also took some pictures of the girls lazing around in their new-old cages. Snowball got her old cage back so she could have a J-feeder and Jelly is right next door. Lady-who is Snowball’s daughter, is right next to Snowball also. Lady is the white rabbit.

As you can see, the rabbit in the top picture, Snowball, has a huge belly. She is due next week. I am hoping this breeding is successful.

Today, I also cleaned out the nest-box for future use and also scrubbed the shower curtain that covers the little hutch. It was getting gross. It now looks very clean and nice. 🙂 🙂