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Snowball’s Litter

About a month ago, I bred Snowball to Surprise. I wasn’t sure if it was a successful breeding or not, but I put in the calendar and put in the nest box. On Tuesday, Snowball had a litter of what I thought was six kits. They all looked healthy and warm. On Wednesday, we had a blizzard. The kits survived through that night. Thursday was warm, but that night it got really cold. The next morning, I found six dead kits and one live one. It was mostly my fault because I knew it was going to get cold that night. I should have brought the nest box in.  Most of the kits just got scattered throughout the nest box and couldn’t stay warm. I found one kit underneath the cage. I am not sure where it came from, because I didn’t know I had seven kits in that litter. I guess I counted wrong. Anyway, now that there is only one kit left in the litter, I am repeating what I did when Snowball had only one kit in her last litter. Unfortunately, Snowball is still producing enough milk for a litter of seven, not for one. She is very uncomfortable right now, and I would give her something to slow down the milk but I need her to keep producing milk for the last kit. I will probably breed her soon, and that might help dry up milk production a little bit.

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Kit Update

The kits were all doing great last night. This morning I went out to check on them and found two of Snowball’s kits dead and pretty cold in different sections of the nest-box. Snowball’s nest wasn’t good enough to contain them. I couldn’t find the other two at first, but then I found them snuggled into a part with lots of fur. They were fed and look pretty good. When I posted yesterday, I hadn’t noticed that one of her kits had a hole in his head. I wasn’t sure how it got there, but it kind of looked like an over-cleaning kind of thing. He was one of the dead ones this morning. Secret’s kits are all doing great and they all have full tummies.

Kits are here!!

This morning, I went out expecting to find kits. It was day 32 after all. There wasn’t anything. So I decided they would probably give birth tonight. That didn’t happen either. I went to check on them at about 9:20, and Secret was pulling fur and gathering more straw. Since my rabbits only pull fur right before birth, I knew she was pretty close. I went back out at 9:45 and she was giving birth. I saw some of it happen. It was really neat. She was done a little while later and I checked the kits. There was one kit on the wire, and it was alive, warm, and clean, so I think it just got dragged out after she finished. She had eleven. They aren’t as big as Snowball’s kits usually are, but there were quite a few of them. She had them all tucked nicely into a little nest in the back of the box.



I went out a little later to look at the kits again and saw Snowball pulling fur and working on her nest. I checked on her about a half an hour later and she had five kits. One was dead and looked like it was the first to come out. It was rather stretched. I am assuming she had a smaller litter because she is older and she hasn’t been bred for a while. Those kits are bigger than Secret’s and look good. Snowball’s nest wasn’t quite as good as Secret’s. She has always been a bit sloppy.



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